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Control Systems Engineer in TSS

Please join us in welcoming Rony Kuriakose from South Africa and wishing him success in his new position as a control systems engineer at ESS.

He has recently moved to Lund with his wife and is eagerly waiting for their dog to join them in February. This is one of the reasons why he’s looking forward to his new life in Sweden – it’s a dog-friendly country! Dogs are allowed on public transport, in designated restaurants, and in shops.

Rony and his wife enjoy living in Lund as it is a diverse, safe, and well-organized city. In Cape Town, he had to drive his wife everywhere, but now she can get around on foot or an electric scooter. Everything is digitized – the daily errands are easier and get done faster.

Rony wanted to move to Sweden for a few reasons – to be closer to his wife’s relatives who live in Scandinavia, and to work for ESS, of course! ESS is an ideal working environment for him – he feels supported, engaged and has all the tools necessary to do his best work and advance his career. In addition, Rony can now fulfill his dream of traveling to see the Northern lights and all around Europe, while enjoying the amazing work-life balance in Sweden.

When he’s not working, Rony likes spending time in nature, hiking with his wife and dog. He’s looking forward to exploring Sweden as soon as the weather allows it this spring.

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